Do you know how much is a cockatoo?

Cockatoos are Velcro birds as they wish to spend time with their caretakers. They are affectionate birds and members of the parrot family. They need a lot of attention and get depressed and resort to destructive behaviors when they get neglected by their caretaker.  Some of the most popular types of cockatoos are black palm cockatoos, bare-eyed cockatoos, citron cockatoos, sulfur-crested cockatoos, Goffin’s cockatoos, rose-breasted cockatoos, major Mitchell’s cockatoos, Moluccan cockatoos, and umbrella cockatoos. You have to know how much is a cockatoo and how to be successful in your approach to finding and buy the right cockatoo.  

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The cost of a cockatoo is from $500 to $1200 depending on the location and the type of cockatoo breed.  There are twenty one species of cockatoos in the world. These friendly pet birds live between up to 70 years.  Cockatoos are sought-after pets in aviculture. However, fulfilling the requirements of such birds are really difficult. Many people who fall in love with the cockatoos nowadays prefer the cockatiel breed. Though this bird is kept in captivity the most, maintaining this bird as a pet is easier than other breeds of cockatoos.  As a beginner to the cockatoo, you have to know the size and characteristics of this bird.  

Experts in the cockatoos are aware of the common health problems associated with such pet birds.  Some of these problems are feather disease, obesity problems, herpes infections, fatty tumors, and psittacine beak.  The healthy cockatoos like to eat chicken and indulge in crushing the bone and eating the bone marrow rich in protein content.   If you wish to take care of the cockatoo as a pet bird, then you have to give your bird a balanced and nutritious diet including seeds, vegetables, fruits, cooked rice, nuts, and proteins in measured quantities recommended by cockatoo diet specialists. This is worthwhile to introduce pellet in the diet of a cockatoo as this food includes all nutritional elements to keep the bird healthy for a long time.  

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All beginners to the cockatoos wish to know how much is a cockatoo and get interests to buy a beautiful cockatoo on the go.  They can feel free to make contact with the well-known pet store specialized in and recommended for the cockatoos. They can discuss the behavioural and temperamental traits of cockatoos. They must make certain how to successfully prefer and buy the cockatoo after a comprehensive analysis of important things.

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