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6 Reasons Why You Need a Vet In Mount Richon

Every pet owner knows that taking care of their furry little friends can be a lot of work. A lot of people think that it’s just enough to feed, water and clean up after them. But there is more to it than that. Keeping a pet is more than just taking care of its physical needs. You also have to take care of their emotional and mental health too. That means that you have to do things like going on walks with them, playing games with them, brushing their fur and providing them with plenty of love and attention. This article will look at seven reasons why you need a vet in Mount Richon.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a veteran:


Vaccinations are an essential part of pet care. They help prevent deadly diseases and keep your animal healthy.

Vaccinations are used to prevent many illnesses in pets, such as rabies, canine distemper, feline panleukopenia (cat flu), parvovirus (parvo) and kennel cough. The vaccines that your pet needs depend on their age and exposure to other animals or humans. For example, kittens need different vaccinations than adult cats because they are at risk of different diseases than adults would be exposed to at the same age. Therefore it’s important to talk with your veteran about what vaccinations are right for your pet. The more you know, the better prepared you can be.


Microchipping your pet is a great way to ensure that you’ll be able to identify and return your beloved dog or cat should he or she become lost. However, many factors come into play when considering whether microchipping is necessary for your pet.

A veterinarian can discuss which types of pets need this service and how often they should receive it. They can also advise on the costs associated with this procedure as well as procedures related to getting lost animals back home safely again (such as having their tags updated).

Pet Behaviour:

If you are concerned about your pet’s behaviour, there is a good chance that you are not alone. Behaviour problems in pets can be very common and can cause stress for both the owner and the animal. A common misconception is that all behaviour problems stem from an unruly or poorly trained pet owner, but this simply isn’t true! There are many reasons why a dog or cat may display destructive behaviour or other unwanted traits that you wouldn’t classify as “normal” in your household pet.

A veteran can help you figure out the root cause of your pet’s problems and offer solutions to help eliminate them.


Neutering is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a male’s testes. It is also referred to as castration, and it helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies in female animals. One of the most common reasons for neutering male dogs is to reduce their risk of prostate cancer later on in life. It is because testosterone levels are much higher in intact or uncastrated males than they are in neutered ones.

Another benefit of neutering cats is that it reduces the chances that they’ll roam outside your home looking for mates or fighting with other cats over territory issues (which can be dangerous).

Emergency Care & Treatment:

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you have someone on call to help you with any emergencies. If your pet has an accident or becomes ill or injured, you’ll want the reassurance of knowing that they are in good hands.

Daytime Surgery Appointments:

A vet in Mount Richon can schedule your pet for a surgery appointment during the day. This is often a better option for cats and dogs that are sensitive to light and may need to be sedated. It’s also more convenient for you as it gives you more time to plan around their surgery date. You can either drop them off at the clinic or pick them up after they’re done.


There are many reasons why you need a vet in Mount Richon such as vaccinations, microchipping, pet behaviour and neutering. It’s important to choose a veteran that’s close by and offers the services you need. A good veteran will make your pet feel safe and comfortable during their appointment.

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