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First Aid for Your Dog

Are You Prepared? Canine Medical Emergency Guide, gives data around eight normal pet crises: unfavorably susceptible responses, seizures, harming, heart, gastric dilatation volvulus (swelling), overheating, stifling, and dying. For every one of these issues, the infographic lets you know what might have caused the crisis, gives a rundown of manifestations and momentarily portrays how you can treat calling the vet. Further, the infographic reminds you to get your cherished pet the emergency to help the person needs, when humanly conceivable.

Be sure to download and print this infographic and keep a copy — or two or three — handy! You never know when you’ll need to refer to this information, and for the “love of dog”, you’ll want to have it nearby in case of emergency.

Dog Medical Emergency Guide created by Figo Pet Insurance.

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