9 Tips to Find the Best Dog Boarding in Adelaide Services

Are you planning a trip and worried about where to leave your furry friend? Many dog owners face this dilemma when they have to travel and cannot take their dogs along with them. Finding a reliable dog boarding in Adelaide service is essential to ensure the safety and happiness of your pet. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. This blog post will provide you with nine tips to help you find the best services in Adelaide.

9 Tips to Find the Best Dog Boarding in Adelaide Services

The following are the top tips to find the best dog boarding services in Adelaide for you.

1) Check for License and Accreditation:

A genuine and established boarding service will have all the necessary licenses and accreditation. This is a vital aspect to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry friend. Make sure to verify the license and certification of the boarding in Adelaide service before entrusting them with your pet.

2) Look for Professionalism and Cleanliness:

The dog boarding service should maintain high standards of professionalism and cleanliness. A clean and well-organized facility will ensure that your pet is safe and healthy. Maintenance of proper hygiene must be a top priority at all times.

3) Read Online Reviews and Testimonials:

The best way to judge the quality of this boarding service is to read reviews and testimonials from other pet owners. You can visit the puppy boarding service’s website or check social media platforms to get an idea of how they have helped other pet owners and their pets.

4) Meet the Staff and Other Pets:

It is vital to visit the facility before handing over your dog for boarding. You can take a tour of the boarding facility and meet with the staff. It will also provide you with an opportunity to check how the staff interacts with other dogs at the boarding.

5) Check if they offer Exercise and Playtime:

Exercise and playtime are essential for the mental and physical well-being of your furry friend. Ensure that dog boarding in Adelaide provides ample opportunities for your dog to exercise and play with other dogs.

6) Ask about the Medication Administration Process:

If your dog requires medication or has any pre-existing health conditions, it’s essential to ensure that the puppy boarding service can administer the medication as required. Check with the boarding service about their medication administration process and their response in cases of emergencies.

7) Use a Trial Run:

A trial run is an excellent option to ensure that your dog feels comfortable and happy in the new environment. You can try leaving your dog for a day with the boarding service before a more extended period to gauge how they react.

8) Ask About the Food and Water:

It is vital to ensure that your pet is receiving the right amount of food and water during their stay. Check with the dog boarding service about their food and water policies.

9) Check on the Pet Transportation Services:

If you don’t have the means to drop off and pick up your dog from the boarding service, you can check if they offer pet transportation services. It will help you in ensuring your pet’s safety during transportation, making the process more comfortable for you and your pet.


Your furry friend is an essential part of your life, and their safety and well-being should be your priority. The tips mentioned in this blog post will help you find the best services for dog boarding in Adelaide to ensure that your pet is happy, healthy, and safe. Remember to do your homework before entrusting your dog to anyone and choose a doggy boarding service that fits your dog’s individual needs.

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