Reasons to have a French bulldog in your apartment

Originally, from France, small and robust, these little blue frenchies for sale weigh between 8 kg and 14 kg in adult and measure approximately 35 cm in height. Despite the athletic appearance, the Bulldog is not a partner for sporting journeys, as it is a brachycephalic dog, so it should not be exposed to great physical efforts, extensive runs, etc. They are extremely affectionate, cheerful, faithful, companions and need human contact. In general, they are quiet and adapt to both houses and apartments. 

Small in size and big in intelligence

It is a somewhat exotic breed in its appearance and that is why they attract a lot of attention. Until recently, it was very difficult to find them, but in recent years, their popularity has increased a lot. Its large and erect ears give it a unique expression. They can quickly learn the routine of a small space. 

Lively, cheerful, and playful

For those who enjoy a short walk with their animal to have fun, this is a perfectly suitable breed, whether in the morning or late in the afternoon. They know how to balance their games in order to be more explosive with their own and more gentle with the elderly. 

They are not athletic dogs.

As they have a short snout and a large head, that is, they are brachycephalic; a walk in a cool time for 10 to 15 minutes is enough for him to be happy with the walk. Likewise, if they are alone in an apartment, they will not have their “batteries” charged and do not tend to destroy the apartment while they are alone.


They are silent but alert dogs. In case of need, they give the alert, but they are considered when doing so. They will not bark at any new bugs that enter the apartment or the light you turn on in the hallway. Even with other dogs in the apartment, they tend to play so they do not bark. They like mouth games more.

They love human contact – they are very affectionate

The French bulldog is a very docile breed. Even adults are very receptive to strangers. They love having visitors. Therefore, if they are taken to the bath, daycare, hotel, etc., they tend to adapt easily, both with humans and with other dogs. 

They love to be held, cuddled, and pampered

They love to be around. They do not tend to jump on you or bother you. Nevertheless, they love hanging around, making themselves noticed to get your attention. In addition, when they receive it, they all melt. Some love the toys received and manage to entertain themselves for a long time with them, while others do not give much thought to distractions, because being close to their owner is all they want. 

Easy maintenance

Because they are small and with smooth hair, it makes your maintenance extremely easy. A bath can be given quickly and without further complications. Ear care, it is possible to bathe in the apartment itself and very quickly. It does not require the need for long and time-consuming brushing as in other apartment breeds. Normal veterinary care for any dog ​​is added to the extra heat care. 

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